Watch: Manjot Singh on his role in Chutzpah, trolls, cyberbullying & more

Renowned actor Manjot Singh has entertained us with acting prowess in films like Lali,  Fukrey,  Oye Lucky over the years! Lucky Oye! among others. In a short period, Manjot has carved a niche for himself in the industry. And now, after entertaining us in Bollywood, Manjot is all set to make his digital debut with Chutzpah.

 In an exclusive conversation with Ruchita Mishra ( ), the 29-year-old actor talks about his role in Chutzpah, whether he is a social media addict, his take on trolls and more.

Excerpts from the conversation:

 Chutzpah is set to stream in a few hours from now; how excited are you for the response as the show brings back you and Varun Sharma once again?

I am excited and looking forward to the show to drop online. The trailer’s response has been unexpected, and I never thought the trailer would turn out to be so good. I saw the trailer thrice back-to-back.

The trailer of the Chutzpah has a brief mention of the famous Bois locker room case; what percentage of fiction and reality is shown on this aspect?

Mostly it’s fiction; all I can say is that ideas have been drawn from the bios locker room incident. I don’t really know much other than that, as I have only read my part. My character’s name is Rishi, and he is in search of love, though he hasn’t found one, nor does he have the confidence to say so. One fine day he meets a girl online, and the cam girl teaches her a lot; it’s an eye-opener for him. What he has perceived in his mind over the years is very different from what it turns out to be. ‘internet’ plays a crucial role; it acts as a catalyst in the storyline. It shows how youth is misusing the internet.

Are you a social media addict?

To say so, whatever I am on social media is because of social pressure or work. Personally, I don’t like using social media much. I feel it’s a fake world. No one knows how you are. Things are very different in the web world.

What is your take on cyberbullying and trolls?

I don’t feel it’s right. It mentally harms a lot of people. They don’t say it but it affects their mindset. Having said that, I do follow a lot of meme pages and also comment and like on them. 

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