The forthcoming social drama starring Shah Rukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani will be focused on the topic of “Donkey Flight.”

Shah Rukh Khan has a fascinating slate of projects lined up. Khan will star in Rajkumar Hirani’s forthcoming film, which is said to be about immigration. According to the latest reports, the film would expose the widespread use of an illegal backdoor route known as “Donkey Flight” by Indians to travel to nations such as Canada and the United States.

Hirani’s film, according to a PeepingMoon exclusive, will deal with the problem of ‘Donkey Flight’ and immigration. The term ‘Donkey Flight’ refers to the unlawful backdoor route in Punjab utilised by Indians seeking to move to nations such as the United States and Canada. “Donkey flying is referred to as the unlawful way of entering a foreign nation via several stops in other countries,” a person close to the situation told PeepingMoon. It is a common strategy used by thousands of young people each year after they are unable to enter the target nation legally. Hirani’s film tackles this broad subject in his usual way, with a story brimming with both emotional and lighthearted moments.

According to the source, the film will depict the illegal transit of Indian Punjabis to Canada, as well as how young and naive clients who dream of a better life overseas are enticed by travel companies and fall into intricate traps.

The name “Donkey Flight” is derived from a Punjabi proverb that meaning “hopping from one area to another.” It refers to the habit of many immigrants of applying for a tourist visa in a European Union Schengen country, which permits them to wander freely across Europe’s border-free zones. The immigrants then make their way to the United States and Canada.

Hirani’s film is expected to begin production in May 2022. Taapsee Pannu is reported to be the favorite for the leading lady alongside Shah Rukh Khan, despite the fact that she has not yet been signed. Hirani has completed the script, and filming will commence once Khan completes his other impending films, which include Siddharth Anand’s Pathan and Atlee’s untitled feature.

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