The Conjuring:The Devil Made Me Do It is out now!

The infamous jump scares and demonic possessions continues in the third movie of the The
CONJURING franchise with the Conjuring :The Devil Made Me Do It. Sticking with their
formula of a spine-chilling story filled with super scary moments and some fabulous acting-
this movie does not disappoint.
From the lighting and cinematography of Michael Burgess to the acting of Wilson and
Farmiga- the movie hits all the right spots for horror fans. Based on the case of the
possession and trial of Arne Johnson’s crime of murdering his landlord-the film follows this
investigation and reveals various bits of Satanic mystery. If you’re looking for gut-wrenching
fear and demonic possessions- the movie will satisfy your cravings!

The Conjuring:The Devil Made Me Do It is out now in cinemas.

Watch trailer here

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