Review of ‘Rashmi Rocket’: Taapsee Pannu and Abhishek Banerjee Leverage This Flight Into A Relevant Subject.. 3.5/5 *

By Vidhi Joshi

She has never failed to deliver, and while her films may not always pass the critics’ muster, her performances are always a delight. Rashmi Rocket has gone through a lot of transformations in order to play a sportswoman. This isn’t your typical sports drama. It’s also a courtroom drama about female athletes who face humiliating and dehumanising gender tests during athletic competitions.

You already know what Rashmi Rocket is about if you’ve seen the trailer. Rashmi Vira, a girl from Kutchh, Gujarat, was reared by her father without the gender segregation that is so common in our society. She is known as ‘Rocket’ because she runs swiftly. She meets an army man who helps her overcome her personal fears of becoming pro, and Rashmi quickly rises to national prominence, bringing pride to her mother, family, and community. When she is compelled to undergo gender testing, it is determined that she has more testosterone in her body than a girl should, and she is consequently barred from participating in national and international contests.

Rashmi’s struggle for justice, not just for herself but for countless other female athletes whose lives and careers have been wrecked by this archaic policy, begins when a lawyer enters, offering to fight her case.

When it comes to relaying women’s tales, I adore how we cover such a wide range of themes! Rashmi Rocket tackles a topic that has plagued so many women’s lives. Because it’s not only about their being able to play the sport they enjoy, despite the fact that failing these tests will cost them a lot of money. There’s also the fact that these exams are humiliating and can have serious psychological consequences for women, including identity crises and public humiliation from which their reputation may never recover.

It renders them ineffective. And the fact that many women’s challenges arise from a lack of understanding of science, blind religion, and old traditions and rules proves that more stories like Rashmi Rocket are needed to start the dialogue.

Watch this film for Taapsee Pannu’s dedication and Abhishek Banerjee’s performance, but most importantly for the knowledge and information that is pertinent in today’s world.

Rashmi Rocket is now streaming on Zee5.

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