King Khan in the new IPL campaign as he gets #FOMO as everyone #SiwaySRK are on Hotstar.


Shah Rukh Khan has been on a self imposed sabbatical since his last release – ZERO, and fans have been awaiting something about his films and waiting for his return to the big screen! Amidst all the talks and rumours of him shooting for the films like Pathaan and Atlee’s next, and other scripts being written and finalized as we speak, what has come as a surprise to most SRKians has been the new promo from Hotstar Premium.

The promo has been a comical take on how all the stars have their shows or movies on Hotstar until now #SiwaySRK (except SRK) and the campaign has set rumours ablaze as SRK himself adds – Picture abhi baaki hai mere doston.

The video shared by Ranveer Singh and Karan Johar on instagram apart from King Khan has been the talk of the town for the entire day that #SiwaySRK has been trending on the Indian twitter’s first position since the video started doing rounds.

In other news, the campaign has been written by the well known writers of AIB, Tanmay Bhat has assisted the team And directed by the famous ad director Ayappa KM, the brilliant write-up of Devaiah Bopanna, Vishal Dayama, Puneet Chadha has kept the fans in dilemma about what this project might be, a film? A webseries, a talk show?

Well the only option is to wait and watch – as more promos come up in a series of comic takes for Hotstar promos featuring SRK! This surely will keep the fans’ hearts pounding, as the wait for the announcement too stays “to be continued”

The promo is an IPL campaign that has the perfect blend of Sarcasm, wit of King Khan, just like he always carries !

Let’s celebrate and wait, because “Picture abhi baaki hai…”

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