Melbourne Mumbai Mum commemorates her pregnancy by visiting some of the most prominent locations in the lockdown era.

We came across Mumbai-born Melbourne celebrity interviewer, filmmaker, and business mother @dheepaawtani, who was on a quest to #supportlocal while also celebrating her maternity with @babydeannaw in the most fashionable manner during the dreary Melbourne lockdown time.

She prepared everything during the brief period when Melbourne was not under lockdown, and the results are breathtaking.

“Impact of the pandemic has been ramified & appears perennial globally, so me and my husband Dixit Awtani decided to strengthen the fact that Melbourne is still the best city to live in the world, supported local talents for this photoshoot, bring a smile back to all aspiring parents & cover the places Melbourne has been iconically known for daily exploration & tourism,” Dheepa, founder of @babydelaw, said. We need to #VisitMelbourne in a different light.”

They captured it all, from a red bridal gown at the Parliament to a tribute to Harry Potter shows at the Princess Theatre and for many live concerts, movies, and performances missed, to the heartbeat of Melbourne commutes and travel – Flinders Street station and Vic Trams, to the cozy yet artistic dates passing through the prominent Hosier lane, Doveton Myuna Farm.

Each concept had its own mood board and the photos were made picture-perfect by local businesses like @lucylaurita_designerblog, @imodaemporium,@jeanettemaree @shakila_salon, @alind_tiwari  @sudhakarthikphotography @abfotoworks  @mishkaphotography & more.

“Socially, despite having visas and double vaccinations, none of our parents could come over to be a part of our fragile parenthood journey due to covid restrictions; grandkids have missed their presence; we couldn’t renew our 10th anniversary vows & my elder daughter Deleena’s birthday for the second year in a row due to continued lockdown. The photograph at Myuna Farm was an homage to all the birthday festivities that children have missed owing to the epidemic, particularly with grandparents. We lived like a farm animal family, safe yet enclosed in a little space.”
Life- A very unique method of documenting Melbourne and the maternity period.

Hopefully, the time comes when the world is soon lockdown-free.

@lucylaurita_designerblog @sherrihill @pretttlittlething @gstar @imodaemporium @menzclub

Hmua: @shakila_salon

Photographers: @alind_tiwari @sudhakarthikphotography @abfotoworks @mishkaphotography

Accessories: @jeanettemaree @jimmychoo @deepagurnani  @zushoes @bondsaus @cottonon @zara #gregoryladner @crocs @forevernew @lovisajewellery @ninewestaus

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