Tom & Jerry-the movie review

Tom and Jerry – the movie

The legendary rivalry of Tom & Jerry – the movie is about and American-Indian ( Ben and Preeta) couple who wishes to get wedded in a five star hotel in the New York city. Chloe Grace Moretz (Kayla) who is in the lead role of the movie faced some setbacks in her career and somehow manages to get a job in the Royal Gate Hotel. Jerome, who recently entered the hotel illegally created tons of chaos in the hotel already. Having said that, Kayla hires Thomas to catch the mouse and drive it out of the hotel. Amidst all this faff, Preeta lost her massive and beautiful diamond engagement ring gifted by Ben which creates a whole lot of tension in the heads of Preeta and Kayla with Ben being unaware of the entire situation. Unknowingly, it was Jerry who took Preetha’s engagement ring, evesdrop the whole conversation and Jerry having a good heart takes U-turn to the hotel to return the ring. In the meanwhile, massive amount of destruction has been done in the hotel already by Tom & Jerry which is super fun to watch. As the wedding date comes closer, Preetha is nervous about her and Ben’s big day. And at the wedding day, eventually the event becomes disastrous with the madness and craziness caused by the animals – Tom & Jerry, a dog, a cat, elephants and a tiger. Preetha gets extremely disappointed and decides to call off the wedding. The very next day, Kayla requests Tom and Jerry to work as a team and bring Preetha to the Central Park to reunite her with the love of her life, Ben. Ultimately, what happens next, you should watch it with a tub of popcorn and coke.Overall, the movie is amazing and worth watching. The kids and adults would most definitely enjoy the fiction as it is will engross their minds with the storyline. Tom and Jerry never fails to amaze the people with their love-hate relationship. It is a hilarious, kid friendly and a family movie in the long weekend period. -BollyUK Media

Jerry the mouse

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