Exclusive: Actor-writer Satish Ray’s awe-inspiring journey from an engineer to a social media influencer!

It’s easy to make someone cry but difficult to make someone laugh, goes the saying. Prolific actor-writer Satish Ray never fails to make our day better and brighter with his funny videos. If you are an avid social media geek and love to scroll online, we bet you must have certainly paused and watched, re-watched Satish’s funny videos. They are to the point, crisp, sarcastic and full of wit.

The YouTuber- actor-writer Satish Ray started off with TVF show, steadily made a huge impact on millennials, and now even Gen Z is following his humour. Not many know that the ace content creator is an impeccable writer, and his soul-stirring poems will make you sail through the darkness. An engineer turned social media influencer; Satish’s journey will make you believe in yourself.

In an exclusive conversation with Ruchita Mishra (Bolly UK Media), Satish Ray gets candid about his social media influencing journey, trolls, spills the beans on his success mantra and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

How did you begin your journey into writing, acting and now being a content creator?

Well, to start with, I was a topper in my school. All my life, I was inclined towards studies, was good at sports. I was also academically very sharp and eventually made it to the state level as a topper. No one ever thought that I would divulge into something so humorous. As the years passed, I started developing a keen interest in literature, art, acting and started acting in plays. I was a huge fan of the TVF series. I would love to watch that in college. Slowly I started curating content in college, make 3-4 channels, which didn’t work out, but that didn’t deter me from what I wanted to achieve in life.

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I also did my BTech from Faridabad and worked as a quantity analyst. To pursue my passion I left my job and came to Mumbai to pursue my dream of becoming a content curator, actor. I worked hard, very hard and then got a break in TVF. I made a character named Immandar with my Abhishek, and then things became viral, and then Instagram (success) followed.

Your videos are funny, and you have garnered a huge fan base; how supportive is your family?

Family ka support nai the Abhi bhi nai hai (My family didn’t support me; they still don’t understand the comedy genre and the work I am into). My elder brother did support me. However, finically I didn’t get support. My family is old school and conservative, and they feel that I am educated. Why am I doing this when I can settle for a good job. They are not much aware of the social media culture. I am sure once I get into films or web shows, they will accept my profession.

What are the things that you keep in mind while making a funny script so that it doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments?

We often think unfiltered, we have our viewpoints, but we don’t want to influence anyone else. Therefore, we ensure that we put the point across sarcastically or subtly. Yes, many times, we cut off lines and dialogues so that it doesn’t hurt anybody.

There are many influencers and standup comedians. Do you feel there is a lot of pressure on social media to churn out content every day?

No, I don’t have that mindset that every day I need to put up a video; my content is very different from others. When I feel something is important, viral or trending, I curate a video on the topic.

We have witnessed a lot of social media trolls. How do you tackle negative comments on your videos?

I have learned the art of taking things with a pinch of salt. I now believe that anything you post, people are going to perceive it in a certain manner.  I healthily take negative and positive criticism. My aim is that everyone who is following me or watching my videos smile at the end. In these tough times, it is difficult to make people smile and laugh. Those 30-60 seconds of happiness is the biggest reward for me as a social media creator.

Out of all the characters you have donned, which one do you relate to the most and why?

All the parts I like. There is a percentage of me in every role I portray.  Naturally, when I put something. Over these years, people have seen my characters, And every character has its own way, be it  Alpa Pandey,  Babban bola,  Immandar Sharma. However, Immandar Sharma, I am mostly with friends, and that is one character I closely relate to.

You make us laugh with your funny videos. There is another side to you — soul-stirring poems. Tell us about this side of yours?

When I was in school, I was inclined towards poetry and literature, and the literature that I studied was sad. Gradually, I started liking and used to pen down these thoughts and emotions and slowly imbibed them.

Over a year, there has been tremendous growth in your followers, how did you manage to do all of that?

 Well, I am thankful and grateful to my fans for supporting me like always. I never run behind posting content back to back. See, making a reel or video is a creative process, it comes naturally to me, and I don’t make reels just for the sake of it. I am glad that despite the pandemic, people have showered my content with love and adulation for over a year.

Your father wasn’t supportive in the beginning, does he watch your content and give you constructive feedback?

 No, he just scrolls through my content, I have told them that the content that I recreate he might not relate with but the youth resonate with it. Moreover, now he is slowly and steadily liking it he is happy that people love what I am doing.

What kind of humour do you like to watch?

Funny jokes, low hanging ones that everyone can understand, all age groups can relate to. What I like are encrypted jokes that need to be deciphered, the satire ones. I watch TVF videos, and I like to watch Key & Peele, Zakir Khan and many others.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to play cricket, watch expert opinions on cricket matches, watch films, web shows, and read a lot.

What are your future plans?

 I have been getting acting offers. I am also writing a web show, YouTube content. There are several other online mediums, for instance, OTT, that I would like to get into. I want to entertain my fans and followers.

For those unaware of Satish Ray’s commendable work online, here are some of the rib-tickling videos that will lighten up your weekend!

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