Bob Biswas – The Thriller that will shake you but keep you stuck at the edge of the seats until the end!

Review by : Neel Joshi.

A gripping tale of suspense draped with the nail biting yet calm and composed cold blooded murders, the action thriller written by Sujoy and directed by Divya serves what it is asked of!

This twister spin-off of Kahaani had a lot to prove and match the levels of, though the storyline of the film does not match that of Kahaani, but as intended it is more of an emotional journey, into the mind of Bob who has forgotten about his life, and has traversed into a world, darker and deeper than what he imagines it to be. The film is an insight into the mind, of the darkness that dwells not just in the society, but in the mind of the protagonist.

Bob Biswas played by Abhishek gets mature as it moves through the storyline, as intended, the character development of Bob by Abhishek Bachchan is promising! The weight gain and efforts are visible and how, blends into the character of Bob remarkably. Abhishek’s confusion, clarity and dark endeavors are a journey to go through.

Chitrangada’s character is deep, has a back story that backs her character and makes it stronger, the kids’ characters equally important, and how it is a film about a family, and the efforts to safeguard the family despite knowing the wrongs that one has dwelled into, a ride of self-realization and moral questioning, despite being a ride into the dark, the movie will leave you with many questions, some tears and a smile too!

The movie that opens up with We Love you SRK, and ends with a tribute to Vidya Balan is a thriller with many easter eggs that you’d find as you watch it. The research of the set, and the storyline that blends with the realism of Kolkata and the beauty of it, the culture is well exhibited by the cinematography.

The colour work and VFX work is excellent and deserves the special praise, just alike the sound department, that will keep you unmovably shaken and at the edge of your seats until the end, the beauty of post production for an OTT film is a thing to appreciate the makers always for. With Red Chillies Entertainment never leaving a single stone unturned at the quality of the product and Zee5 delivering what it promised, Bob Biswas is a perfect entertainer that will leave you in splits with the mini humour that blends perfectly amidst those dark alleys that Kahaani was just a glimpse of.

Bob Biswas is a spin-off that will leave you boggled, with questions, and some answers, but with lots of realizations! A must watch thriller!

3.5 Stars

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