Bigg Boss 14: January 27 Written Update: Abhinav & Aly get into a fight; Arshi talks to Rahul about Vikas

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6.15 pm: Rubina goes inside and talks about getting a cycle for themselves. Arshi and Vikas agree with her. Meanwhile, Rakhi, Aly, and others see some of the items which are hidden in the pool. Arshi asks Rubina if she has torn the photos to which she replies in the affirmative. Rahul also throws off another cycle into the pool.

6.30 pm: Nikki, Rubina, Arshi, and Devoleena try snatching away an item from Rahul. The snatchings continue between both parties. Devoleena and Arshi get into a fight in between.

7.15 pm: A cycle bell rings and Aly’s team goes to the BB canteen for having snacks. Meanwhile, Abhinav, Rubina, and others try making the cycle outside. Aly and others strategize to break the cycle. The bell rings again and they try doing the same while the other team defends the cycle. Later on, Aly and Abhinav get into a massive fight.

7.45 pm: Abhinav and Vikas have a discussion about whatever happened. Vikas declares that both the teams have been unsuccessful in making a full cycle. Rubina disagrees with him and argues that her team’s cycle is intact. Bigg Boss debars the housemates from getting access to any luxury owing to the same.

8.00 pm: Vikas tries cycling post which Abhinav and Arshi call him out over his decision. Meanwhile, Abhinav picks up a fight with Rahul. Vikas and Arshi get into a fight after that.

8.30 pm: Vikas and Abhinav try filling air into the cycle.

9.45 pm: Rakhi talks to Rahul about Aly. She tells him how Aly tries to remain in everyone’s good books while Rahul gets nominated all the time.

8.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to the tunes of a peppy number. 

8.45 am: Vikas and Arshi get into a fight over washing utensils. The other housemates also have a discussion about the same. Meanwhile, Abhinav hilariously asks Arshi not to flip or fight with housemates for some time that leaves her in splits.

10.15 am: Vikas and Rubina have a discussion about using the leftover food. Some of the housemates have an argument about it. Vikas later gets into a fight with Nikki over putting utensils for getting washed by others. Nikki alleges Vikas of kissing people post which he bursts out at her. Devoleena interrupts and says that she might be giving an example from the previous day when Vikas embraced her. This leads to another argument between Devo and Nikki.

12.15 pm: Rakhi asks Vikas about his fight with Nikki. The latter explains the context in which she mentioned the kissing thing. Vikas refuses to listen and gets into another argument with her. Meanwhile, Devoleena and Arshi fight over the same. Rubina tells Vikas that Devoleena did have an issue with Vikas kissing her earlier. Devoleena clears things out with him.

2.00 pm: Abhinav asks Nikki if she wants to have something as Rakhi looks on. The latter then talks about him in front of the camera.

3.45 pm: The housemates are given a task in which they have to name certain individuals who they think have some qualities in them. Rahul ends up winning the task.

5.45 pm: Rakhi talks to herself again as Julie. She says that Abhinav is not a good person.

6.15 pm: Rakhi talks about tearing off a cloth that belongs to Abhinav. She does the same with the help of a scissor.

6.45 pm: Rakhi tries to indulge in fun banter with Abhinav and throws an orange peel at him. The latter talks to Rubina and Nikki about Rakhi’s behaviour.

8.30 pm: Rahul Vaidya sings a song as Rakhi and Devoleena listen to him. Rakhi breaks down in between and walks away. She talks to herself and Rubina gets to see the same. She asks the former if she is doing alright. Rakhi and Devoleena have a discussion about love.

1.15 am: Arshi talks to Aly and Rahul about Vikas. She tells them that she does not know anything about Vikas’ family. Rahul says that he didn’t like Vikas mentioning so many names on international television. Arshi says that she never threatened Vikas and that she can’t talk about certain things on national television. She tells that the latter’s mom cried in front of her because of which she supports her.

Bigg Boss 14: January 27 Written Update: Abhinav & Aly get into a fight; Arshi talks to Rahul about Vikas

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