Amazon Prime Video has released the long-awaited trailer for the Amazon Original Film ‘Sardar Udham,’s

Sardar Udham is a film directed by Shoojit Sircar and starring Vicky Kaushal as the revolutionary independence fighter Sardar Udham Singh.
On the 16th of October 2021, Prime members in India and 240 other countries and territories will be able to see the unique global premiere of Sardar Udham, which will be released during the Dussehra weekend.

“I was intrigued and inspired by the storey of Sardar Udham Singh. It signifies the power, anguish, passion, tremendous courage and sacrifice, and many more values that I have attempted to depict in the film through my role. “Getting into Udham Singh’s footsteps and bringing to life the narrative of a man whose gallantry and grit stand unrivalled required a lot of physical and mental preparation,” said lead actor Vicky Kaushal, who plays Sardar Udham. “Through this film, I hope to share an intriguing chapter from India’s liberation struggle history. This is a narrative that has to be told not just in India, but all throughout the world.

This is a storey that has to be told not only in India, but around the world, and I am delighted that Sardar Udham will do just that with Amazon Prime Video, cutting across borders and bringing a piece of our history to a global audience.”

Sardar Udham tells the narrative of Sardar Udham Singh, a valiant and patriotic warrior who fought selflessly and valiantly against the British colonisation of India. The film follows Sardar Udham’s unwavering resolve to revenge the deaths of his loving brethren who were ruthlessly murdered.

In 1919, he was killed in the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre.

Watch the trailer here :

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